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In 1981, Will founded DeSimone Jewelers, a small manufacturing shop, on Philadelphia’s famed Jewelers Row. Having started at the ground floor while training under old-world craftsmen, Will’s intoxication for the extraordinary in design and quality garnered attention on Sansom Street.  Within a few years, Will’s small manufacturing shop had gained a reputation as one Philadelphia’s most prominent jewelers to the trade. Over the next several decades, Will parlayed his years of vast experience in the manufacturing of hand-made jewelry to grow the business into one of the area’s most reputable diamond brokers; importing diamonds and selling direct to the consumer coupled with Will’s ability to use his knowledge and expertise to educate the customer on the attributes of a diamond has set DeSimone Jewelers apart from the typical jewelry retailer. In 2002, DeSimone Jewelers became one of the pioneers to utilizing CAD for jewelry design, and Will has maintained his fervor for blending the advances in technology with the art of old-world craftsmanship. 

LOU DESIMONE- cofounder

Lou joined his brother, Will, in establishing DeSimone Jewelers in 1981. Lou’s unparalleled craftsmanship has been developed since the age of 16 when he first started working in the jewelry trade. Having worked with jewelers, diamond setters, and model-makers from all over the world (Asia, Europe, North and South America) Lou is widely renowned as one of the region’s most knowledgeable master jewelers. His vision for implementing cutting-edge technology with the mechanics of hand-made artisanship has vaulted DeSimone Jewelers from a small manufacturer to the trade into one of the area’s most prominent jewelry stores for bridal and fine jewelry. Lou is certified by Laserstar, and is commonly regarded as one the area’s best laser repair experts. Every piece of jewelry is hand-worked on by Lou in-house enabling the customer to work directly with the actual jeweler and ultimately enjoy the benefits of high-end expertise without the exorbitant cost of a typical retail ​jewelry store.

NICK DESIMONE- 2nd Generation Partner

In the summer of 2008, Will’s son, Nick, joined the family business after studying finance in college and working for several years in the corporate sector. Nick quickly took the technological advances his dad and uncle had employed in the business and by the fall was certified by Gemvision in Matrix, jewelry CAD software. Working aside a diamond expert, jeweler, diamond setter, and polisher, Nick absorbed every nuance of jewelry manufacturing over the next several years and began to develop a reputation as one of the top CAD experts in jewelry design. In addition, Nick handles all aspects of the daily business operations, having learned from Will and Lou the values of running small family business. He takes great pride in taking DeSimone Jewelers into the next generation and upholding the reputation as your family’s jeweler.

MIKE DESIMONE- 2nd Generation 

In the fall of 2018, during DeSimone Jewelers relocation to Haddonfield, New Jersey, Mike, Lou’s son, joined the family business. Mike has already been introduced to all areas of the jewelry business and has taken on the responsibilities of watch repairs, polishing, diamond picking, and more. He is currently training under one the region’s most reputable diamond setters. Having studied business in college, Mike, has brought a younger perspective to DeSimone Jewelers as they transition from manufacturing for other jewelry stores to exclusively making jewelry directly for consumers. In keeping with their belief in the importance of “word-of-mouth” advertising, as to keep overhead costs low and pass on better savings to the customer, Mike has re-vamped the company’s social media presence in an effort to showcase what makes DeSimone Jewelers different than your typical jewelry store.

After nearly four decades in business, having moved from Philadelphia’s Jeweler’s Row to historic Haddonfield, NJ, in keeping with the same basic principles on which the company was founded, the DeSimone family invites you to experience the difference of having a family jeweler for life. We pride ourselves on making the finest quality jewelry for the fairest price and believe in standing behind our product. Treating our customers like family and service after the sale will always be a priority to us. Our customers marry each other, and we marry their jewelry.

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